Autism and potty training

Potty training can be very difficult for Autistic children. Gavin really struggled with it and Elliott did okay. The challenge is potty training Emmett. There is such a HUGE communication barrier that it makes the simplest of things extremely difficult.

That said there is a ray of hope for us as Emmett used the big boy potty a few times the other day. He has pee’d in the potty a few times now and seem to be okay with it. He did this completely of his own accord. This will be challenging as communication is difficult. Hopefully we can build on that momentum cause these diapers are killing us as quickly as we go through them.   


  1. So Emmet wen on his own huh? Well if my kid could do that jst once…sigh… we've been at this poty thing for 4 yrs now..he was doing good with the booboo but not the peepee but peed at school but didnt booboo…but now hes not going athome at all and wetting himself at school but using the potty on the scheduled times at school…but not longer at ome…im sad today

  2. Jon (jd31068):

    congtrats to Emmitt!!! What a great step for him.

    Emmett* uhg .. my appologies

  3. congtrats to Emmitt!!! What a great step for him.


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