It's been a f*cking awesome morning -

It’s been a f*cking awesome morning

The kids got off to school just fine this morning. Everyone was in a good place and I’m really hoping the both make it through the day. I feel like Emmett is going to be okay but I’m worried about Elliott.

So far, I haven’t heard anything from the school and that’s most likely a positive thing.

Gavin and I went walking this morning as well and he actually did better than yesterday. The key seems to be him listening to music while he’s walking. That works for a lot of people, not just Gavin.

Thus far, it’s been a really positive day and I’m hoping it continues.

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That’s awesome to see Gavin out getting some exercise instead of sitting in his room playing video games. Great for the mind, spirit and soul (and health!!) Good job!!

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