How’s Lizze doing?

How’s Lizze doing?

How’s Lizze doing? In short, not good. She is getting a prescription for a cane. She’s able to walk in short intervals. She is also good at hiding the pain, especially infront of people. I understand why she hides it but I wish she didn’t feel she had to. It would give people in our life a much more accurate picture of our struggles.

I don’t know how to help her. If we ever get back on our feet I need to retrofit the house for her. I need to put the safety handles in the bath tub and shower. I need to replace door knobs and faucet handles with ones that she can actually use. The arthritis she has in her hands and everywhere else makes the things that most people take for granted like cutting up your own food, a very painful challenge. Our house is not designed well for my family. We really need a ranch style home so Lizze doesn’t have to do 2 flights of stairs just to use the bathroom or help the kids. I NEED to figure out something for my family because we won’t be able to do this for much longer. Honestly, no one knows how we have survived this long. I hope that if I can improve the environment and make it adaptable to my family’s unique special needs that things could get better or at the very least provide some comfort….


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Ugh I feel you guys on this one. I have a peripheral neuropathy and there are days I come home and can't turn the door knob to get inside! I try to make small changes when I can but I don't have the money to make the house accessible in the ways I need to.

Those grab bars are fairly easy to install, and they make some now that just suction to the wall (they don't sound like the safest thing in the world, but they are fairly sturdy and it might help as a temporary solution).

Cutting stuff up is hard for me, I frequently just say ta heck with it and stab my steak (or whatever) to bite off chunks lol.

Melissa Dankovic Met

Have you ever thought about trying to apply for that Extreme Home Makeover? I don't know how you apply, but even if you have to have a few people call/write for you, count me in! I think you guys deserve that kind of help!

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