Defusing a Gavin meltdown…..

I’m posting this video for the same reasons I have in the past. I want people to know what families like mine are facing on a daily basis. We aren’t dealing with the “cute and cuddly” side of Autism very often. However, this time I do have another reason for wanting to post this. Gavin struggles every day in almost ALL areas of his life. There are times that he really does try to make the right decision and this is one of those times. Our typical meltdowns can last an hour or more at times but this one was VERY short and I was able to defuse the situation and prevent it from escalating in huge part to Gavin’s receptiveness today. While the meltdown is never an “appropriate” way to deal with a problem I have to commend Gavin for his efforts today. I’m proud of the choices he made and hope this is a sign of things to come. Even if it’s not at least we had it today.



Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Rob I cant see the video, when i click on it says an error occured.


I think Gavin handled the situation very well!  So did you.  You remained calm and tried to help him understand the consequences of his actions, which he did seem to get.  When Bethany has a meltdown she throws and destroys everything in her path, and hits and pushes us.  She can’t comprehend or connect her actions to her consequences though.  My other children know to grab any electronics and get behind locked doors when she starts up.  She’s on a waiting list to get into a behavior program now.


@Sylvia thank you. I appreciate that. 🙂


You’re a pig, you really are, we would never allow one of our children to cry in distress that way.  My first impulse would be to stoop down and say “Gavin do you need to be held?”  You treat him like that because he is your stepson.  I have never seen one of your biological boys cry in such distress.  Then to make it worse, you post it for all to see, thinking people will feel sorry for you or something and donate using your PayPal button.  I hope CPS stays on your ass like white on rice.  To the jackass that commented on the way anonymous was spelled…  that is automated by Rob Gorski himself, he put the spelling in wrong.


@Annoymous again I say, if you don’t understand, you haven’t read enough of Rob’s story to judge. He has explained numerous times why he treats Gavin like this when he’s having a tantrum. Who are you to say why he responds to Gavin that way? Are you a doctor? A psychologist? A psychiatrist? Have you ever met a child with Autism? Reactive Attachment Disorder? Schizoaffective Disorder? Bipolar? All of the above? I think not. You have no idea what you’re talking about. “Gavin do you need to be held?” Please. 
There is actually a video on here of Emmett having a melt down about having to put his shoes and socks on – the biggest difference is that Emmett is having a melt down due to sensory defensiveness. Gavin is having a melt down because he’s trying to get his own way. If a toddler throws a tantrum in a supermarket do you pander to them? No. Because all that teaches the child is that they can control people that way. Emotionally, Gavin is a toddler. A VERY manipulative, mentally ill one. 
Are you done? Since you obviously have no idea about what Rob and his family are going through, and are apparently incapable of understanding it, do everyone a favour and disappear back into whatever hole you crawled out of.


julh thank you.


lostandtired julh my absolute pleasure Rob. As long as that dick hangs around, I’ll be here. Their silence when confronted only confirms their level of ignorance and lack of grounding for their argument. I spend my life fighting for my kids at work, I’m going to fight for you and yours as well.


julh lostandtired Thank you so much.


@Annoymous I don’t edit or censor comments in any way.


@Annoymous Are you honestly that ignorant?  Gavin struggles with severe mental illness.  This isn’t him needing a hug anymore than my 3 year old needing one when he throws a fit over not getting cookies at the store or having to go to bed at night.  Rob is also speaking to him in a very calm and patient tone.  He doesn’t sound mean or cruel at all. He didn’t yell at him. He spoke to Gavin very calmly with clear and specific statements until he calmed down. He didn’t insult Gavin or say anything mean to him.   I don’t get where you are seeing him treating him poorly.


graysmama Thank you.  That’s really all I can say.  🙂


Great job finding control, Gavin!