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I mentioned in a previous post,  that when we got home last night,  we had a little emergency. 

At some point while we were gone,  Bella had gotten her foot stuck in her kennel door. Lizze was the first one in the house.  I was talking to our neighbor and unloading the van.

Next thing I know,  Gavin comes running out of the house screaming that “Mommy needs help right now”.

I had no idea what was going on but Gavin was really freaked out and so that made me really nervous. 

When I walked in,  I saw Lizze trying to get the kennel door open.  I looked on the floor and saw a puddle of blood. There was also pee and vomit,  all over.

Maggie was still in her kennel,  freaking out. She had been trying to get to Bella but she couldn’t.

Lizze rescued Bella and we took her upstairs to the bathroom to get her cleaned up and assess her injuries. She wasn’t able to walk on it but we couldn’t see any obvious signs of injury.

After her bath,  she just snuggled on the couch with Lizze.

Thankfully,  I can report that she is just fine. I don’t know what we would have done if she needed to get to the vet.

I’m also really glad that Emmett and Elliott weren’t around to see this. They would have really been upset. Gavin is doing fine and sleeping well. 

Thank God for the small favors….





**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Tapdancing Lexicon

Oh, poor puppy 🙁 I love how Maggie's getting in on the 'wash the baby' action, it's really cute