Migraine Hell…

Migraine Hell…

I posted the other day that I made Lizze finally go to the hospital the other day for the migraine she’s had for almost 2 weeks. At the ER they managed to break she migraine but it only lasted half a day. She has returned to migraine hell once again.

I spoke with her neurologist this morning and they said we have 2 options left, occipital nerve block and headache infussion. The occipital nerve block involves 3 deep injections into the back or side of the neck. The headache infussion is done over 3 days. Lizze will be hooked up to an IV and pumped full of narcotics for 8 hours at a time. She will do this for 3 days. The point is to break the migraine and identify the best medication for the job.

This really sucks for her because they all involve needles and she has an extreme phobia to needles. We meet the doctor on Monday morning to discuss the procedures and decide which, if any, is right for her.

Please say a prayer that her migraine will break prior to her having to undergo one of these procedures. Either way we have to get Lizze her life back.

– Lost and Tired

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Nancy Barth

Ouch!! I hope after going through whichever treatment, something good results.

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