The hallmark of special needs parenting

Special needs parenting is exhausting, overwhelming, heartbreaking, isolating, demoralizing and STRESSFUL. It’s also amazing, beautiful, humbling and rewarding. Despite the constant financial, physical and emotional struggle we get up everyday and keep moving forward.

What truly sets the special needs parent apart from the rest? Given the chance and with the FULL knowledge of ALL the struggles we would face and pain we would endure, we do it all over again. While it’s a constant struggle and often completely overwhelming, it’s also the most rewarding experience I can imagine.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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if you count the years of extreme parenting…what year are you on? Many people talk in the 7 year cycle~ taking 7 years for the human to master a skill…

'that the hardest part is right before the change over to the next 7 years…sounds like you are on the edge of your second 7 year cycle of extreme caregiving…

guess what happens when our special needs kids turn 18? We are fired as the parent. We have to pay good money and be investigated, stand before a judge and ask to be put back in charge of this life…(and their special needs sibs must be served court paper asking if they would like to have the job)…as if all the years up to that point doesn't count as a job reference..,

and of course we have to register our 18 year olds males for the draft, regardless of disability. Pretty soon you get the joke…life is a joke and we just have to roll with it…

to the good times, the maddening times…may we laugh at the joke too~