Special Needs Parenting: Why we do what we do -

Special Needs Parenting: Why we do what we do

Sometimes,  when things are really tough,  I need to remind myself,  why I do what I do. Every night,  before I got out bed,  I’m reminded of the answer.

Autism can be so challenging and our kids persnickety.  My wife likes me to use the word persnickety. 🙂

No matter how tough things get,  or how frustrated and overwhelmed I am,  I can’t give up.  Through all the exhaustion I have to find the strength to get up just one more time. 

I know many of you out there understand. 

This is my reason or rather, reasons for doing what I do.



**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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and what do we do, when we don’t think we can get up this time? It was a horrible day with my son Matthew and after 4 years of his anger and aggression, I don’t have any patience left. He has worn this family down to a nub. We have no family support, so it is just us, our three SN children, against the world. I a tired and don’t think I can go on much longer. I am sure my MS doesn’t help anything also.

Rob, do you prefer for us to comment on stories on the web site, or on here, or on your FB page? For some reason, maybe a permission on my end, I often have trouble posting on the L&T website.


It does't matter. Facebook and this site sync comments. What you post on Facebook will show up here and the other way around. Also I joined your cause. I think its your doing the right thing there…..

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