Special Needs Parenting: Why we do what we do

Sometimes,  when things are really tough,  I need to remind myself,  why I do what I do. Every night,  before I got out bed,  I’m reminded of the answer.

Autism can be so challenging and our kids persnickety.  My wife likes me to use the word persnickety. 🙂

No matter how tough things get,  or how frustrated and overwhelmed I am,  I can’t give up.  Through all the exhaustion I have to find the strength to get up just one more time. 

I know many of you out there understand. 

This is my reason or rather, reasons for doing what I do.



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       -Lost and Tired

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  • Rob, do you prefer for us to comment on stories on the web site, or on here, or on your FB page? For some reason, maybe a permission on my end, I often have trouble posting on the L&T website.

    • Mike,

      It does't matter. Facebook and this site sync comments. What you post on Facebook will show up here and the other way around. Also I joined your cause. I think its your doing the right thing there…..

  • KeelyCorinneMiller says:

    and what do we do, when we don’t think we can get up this time? It was a horrible day with my son Matthew and after 4 years of his anger and aggression, I don’t have any patience left. He has worn this family down to a nub. We have no family support, so it is just us, our three SN children, against the world. I a tired and don’t think I can go on much longer. I am sure my MS doesn’t help anything also.