Overcoming the stigma of chronic pain and medicaid

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Lizze is waiting to be seen by the doctor. We have to overcome the stigma of chronic pain and medicaid. There are judgements and assumptions made about people with chronic pain like Fibromyalgia and people on assistance. It’s wrong but it happens. I worked in the emergancy medical field a very long time and I saw it happen quite often. Not everyone is abusing the system not everyone is a drug seeker. Sometimes life is just to much and you need help. Some times you have 3 special needs boys that require tremendous sacrifice and public assistance is one of the pills you have to swallow in order to help your children.

Relief from pain shouldn’t be based on your economic status. Hopefully, they will see past all that and look at the situation for it actually is….. I’m praying Lizze finds relief tonight….:

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Ask them if she can have an eletriptan drug (Relpax) it is non narcotic and works on the vascular system to help with the pain. I have severe migraines as well and take Relpax. There is also an older drug called Imitrex (a sumatriptan) and also works on the vascular system. Relpax is very expensive but I think Imitrex actually has a generic version that is less expensive to use. Neither would raise a red flag for drug seeking behavior and they really can help.