Every challenge pushes me towards the brink of insanity and yet also makes me stronger

I have no immediate claim to fame today but I did make it to the grocery store and put a call into Gavin’s immunologist about his infusion sites not healing.  I should hear back sometime today, hopefully anyway. 

Despite being tired after a stressful morning of Emmett trying to lick everyone and yes I know how ridiculous that sounds, I never took a nap.  Go me….  ☺

I got a few things done for work and found time to shave my beard and chat with a reader who needed to talk to someone.  I guess those are pretty important things. 

We don’t really have any plans for tonight but I do think I’m going to cook out in the grill because the kids really like that and it’s been a little while since I’ve really cooked anything that everyone will sometimes eat. 

I’d really like to have a great afternoon of no one being licked by Emmett, Elliott not freaking out over his homework and Gavin’s IVIG infusion completing without incident. 

Those are reasonable expectations or at least they would be if Autism wasn’t in my daily vocabulary.  It’s all good though.  While each and every challenge, pushes me towards the brink of insanity, it also makes me stronger.. 

I’ll simply tackle what I need to tackle and be thankful for whatever, if anything, goes right…  ☺


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