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Autism Support Forums

I’m building a support forum for parents, family members, friends, relatives or anyone who’s life has been touched by Autism. We all need a place to go where people just “get it”. A safe place to vent frustrations without fear of being judged. We need a place where we can ask questions or seek advice from the people who are going through similar things. We are all in different places and maybe even on different roads. However, we are ALL on the same journey. We all experience the highs and lows of special needs parenting.

We may not be doctors or therapists but we are experienced and in the trenches every day. We CAN help each other. We can share knowledge and experience. We can ALL learn something from one another. We all remember what it felt like to hear the word “Autism” for the first time. We can offer comfort and support to those just starting out. I really want this to be a good thing.

So please visit the Autism Support Forums right here on the Lost and Tired blog. Help build a community of parents helping parents. Ask a question or maybe answer someone else’s. I really think once people begin posting their questions or even just their thoughts and feelings, that this can grow into something really amazing. I will be tweaking the forums as we go along so please let me know if you have any problems. Just register for free and your good to go. I really hope we can make this into a resource for the community. If we need new forums added please let me know.


Autism Support Forums

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I had first heard about NAET through a friend who’d had her autistic daughter treated with it. I was amazed at the change in demeanor in the girl after the therapy had been administered. Just by identifying and eliminating several allergens from her daily exposure, she was able to function far beyond what I’d ever seen. Which is why I am now getting it done for my own daughter, to address her own autism symptoms:

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