Gavin did something pretty amazing tonight

Gavin did something pretty amazing tonight

I wanted to touch base and let you know that things are going pretty good at the moment. Gavin’s appointment with immunology went well and he’s had a pretty good day. In fact, Gavin’s had an awesome day.

The kids had therapy tonight and while we were there, we were trying to work through a disagreement with Elliott. It got a bit heated and Elliott expressed himself in a way that wasn’t very respectful. We know he was frustrated but we still need to be respectful. It’s a little bit harder for him but we just need to keep working on it.

Elliott’s rough time went on for about half an hour before Gavin, who was on the other side of the room with Emmett, just sorta snapped. He stood up and verbally laid into Elliott. He was very upset because he felt Elliott was being disrespectful to Lizze and me. That was a pretty big deal for Gavin to voice himself like that and while he was yelling, his message was pretty remarkable for him.

While I appreciate Gavin standing up for us, what was truly amazing in my book is that before he laid into Elliott, he prefaced his rant with a statement, recognizing that he knows he doesn’t have much room to talk because of his past and sometimes current behaviors. That showed an impressive level of self-awareness and that really caught me off guard. It caught all of us off guard.

As always, the outcome of the appointment was positive and while it was frustrating at times, Dr. Pattie was able to help us work through everything and come up with a workable solution for issues that lead to Elliott being very, very upset.

At the end of the day, we all spent some family time together, with the notable exception of Gavin. He was doing his own thing.

By the time everyone went to bed, the mood in the house was much improved and that I think, helped all three of the kids to fall asleep at a decent hour. Soon it’s going to be my turn. 😊

Look, we weren’t without our challenges today, just like every other day. Some were bigger than others but we held together as a family and we all survived. I mentioned in a previous post and I’ll reiterate it once more. My goal for each day is progress not perfection. 👍

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Good for Gavin for standing up. Curious, why is it more difficult for Elliott to be respectful?

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