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I haven’t been posting as much recently. Partly because I did most of my blogging from my phone and I didn’t have one until a few days ago (see the previous post for details on that). A lot of stuff has been going on. Quite a bit of stress and frustration. I’m not sure where to begin. I suppose I can just begin and see what happens.

This past week or so has been full of challenges.  I threw my back out about a week ago trying to help neighbors with a larch branch that came down with one of the last storms we had. Lizze has been in a pretty rough place and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. She has her headache infusion this coming week and I pray it helps. If it doesn’t then we are pretty much out of options and I don’t know what we are going to do.

I mentioned in an earlier post that my dad came by last week to help me clean out the gutters. What I didn’t mention at the time is what was discovered while cleaning out the gutters. The company that put on our new $30,000 roof 2 years ago SCREWED up in a pretty big way. They never replaced the fascia on at least one side of the house. It’s not completely exposed and dry rotted away leaving the roof line open.  The gutters have to be pulled and quiet a bit of work needs to be done. The roofers and the gutter guys have issues that are causing the shingles along the roofline to break off. The really crappy part is that I don’t believe the company that did the work is still around. I have to call State Farm on Monday and discuss options.

Gavin’s medications got screwed up, specifically, the Clozapine. Gavin had his bloodwork this past Wednesday as usual. The lab faxed the results within one hour. We went he following morning to pick up the refill and it wasn’t there. Walgreen’s told me that they never received a fax. As I have stated before this medication is the most tightly controlled in the United States and so there is a VERY specific chain of events that MUST occur in order to get a refill. Lizze called the lab and they had proof it was faxed. Turns out Walgreen’s fax machine was down (and they knew it). The lab called Walgreen’s to report the results verbally but they couldn’t accept them. The director of the lab called Walgreen’s and reported the results and explained how serious missing a dose for Gavin is. Apparently the verbal report can ONLY come from the prescribing doctor himself. Long story short, Gavin missed a dose and so must most likely start over and lose 5 week worth of progress. We are waiting to hear back from Dr. R in order to know what we are supposed to do. For right now we are continuing as though it was never missed until otherwise instructed. I’m not totally sure if Walgreen’s is to blame for this or simply the process required by the government to refill this particular script. Walgreen’s should have some type of backup fax service and MANY scripts are faxed in by the doctor. Being down for almost and entire day because the fax machine itself is broken is unacceptable and irresponsible.

Aside from all that and a few other things happening that I won’t get into I have just been feeling……off. Maybe everything is just getting to me. Perhaps I’m beginning to crumble under all the pressure. I just know that I just can’t seem to maintain my focus. I suppose that’s understandable considering everything.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Rob please know that I will be saying a prayer for Lizze for her headache infusion everyday until I hear that she is feeling better. Cause that just not fair! Also please now that even though you are going through more in your lifetime than most people couldnt even begin to comprehend that you are alife saver to me. I HAVE to read your blog everyday just to function. Its like a little me time and I know Im not alone. Please just take each moment, moment by moment and know that if I could hug you and your family I would (((((hugs)))))

Dee Brake

wow, first of all there should be a proof of fax in an email or something that should be available. that is sorta lame on the pharmacy's part… second. roofing guys, lots of them short cut to save time and money and people dont know, i mean WE are not on the roof… that is a shame. you should put a claim against the roofing company. third. im sorry for your hard week. lets hope things go more smoothly NEXT week… and going forward. CHIN UP 🙂 and lets hope gavin's meds screw up is settled and does not happen again.


Thanks Dee