Emmett: Hard at work -

Emmett: Hard at work

Emmett is already hard at work. He’s learning his shapes and colors. All while improving his fine motor skills. He LOVES the Android app “Kids Shape Puzzle”. It’s free on the market but he went through that one pretty quick so I got him the paid version for like $3.00.

Basically, Emmett get the outline of a shape, along with the outlines of the pieces making up the shape (if that makes sense). When he drags the pieces over to the correct place, they “snap” into place with sound while the device vibrates. Emmett LOVES this part cause he knows he did something right. When the puzzle is completed, a voice tells him “great job” and then says the name of the shape, for example, “horse”. Then Emmett actually tries to repeat the word as he jumps up and does a victory dance. Best $3.00 I have EVER spent.


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