I totally forgot to tell you

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I was so completely overwhelmed by the doctors appointment this afternoon that I forgot to mention what happened with Elliott’s bloodwork. I gotta be honest, Lizze and I both were exhausted after the appointment. The boys were such a handful and like the Energizer Bunny, they kept going and going.

Anyway, as far as Elliott’s bloodwork went, it didn’t.

While we are making some progress because he’s now able to talk about it without freaking out, he still wasn’t ready to go today. We’ve talked it over with his doctor and while they’d like him to just get it done, the understand and agree with our approach. We’re looking longterm on this and not just a fix for this one time.

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I’m hoping that the Prozac will help him relax a bit more and manage his anxiety better. We’re going to be continue working on new coping skills but medication is a necessary part of this.

We’ll see how it goes.