Give it a name and charge it rent -

Give it a name and charge it rent

Yesterday was a really LONG day. Lizze slept in till almost 11:30 am which was nice because she was dealing with insomnia during the procedure.

Emmett came home in the earily afternoon and Lizze went to visit her aunt in the hospital. When she got back we were given a ride to my parents house by my dad and sister. The van is still in the shop not having ANY problems at all.

I’m trying to keep Lizze’s stress level down because I’m worried that stress has been responsible for the migraines of late. While we were at my parents house I borrowed my parents car so I could get the the store and get a few things we need. While at the store I got a text from Lizze telling me her migraine was back and she wasn’t feeling well. By the time I got her home she was sick to her stomach. She took her migraine meds and they seemed to kill it, which is progress. That means it’s not the same migraine. Although part of me, well actually, most of me wonders if she is being completely honest. I know she feels guilty about being sick all the time. It would be just like her to tell me she’s ok so I don’t worry about her. She knows I have a lot on my plate. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way because I worry about her regardless and can tell when she trying to protect me by hiding the truth.

I truly hope the migraine is gone and she is feeling better. Perhaps, she’s simply worried about her aunt and that accounts for the change in demeanor as that would be a justifiable change. What I mean by that is perhaps she’s acting different because she’s worried about her family and not because she’s hiding the pain.

I told Lizze, jokingly yesterday that we should just name her migraine and start charging it rent. It was a simple attempt to lighten the mood and probably not my finest moment.

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