How do you react to unsolicited advice about your special needs child?

This happens all the time to special needs parents.  You at a store with your special needs child and they are having a rough day. Out of nowhere, a patron walks up to you and tells you how to discipline your child

How do you react?

In a perfect world, what would you really, really want to say or do to this person?


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Angel breath

I have a 17 yrs old son w/ severe autism and a normal 8yrs old girl. I might say because I have been dealing this for along time it becomes an acceptance to me that not all people have the same mentality of how they see kids with Austin , some people are more rounded , some are not . And I learned to accept the reality it’s not a perfect world and I have to face it the fact that I have to take of CARE my self first and be on a balance to understand people and by doing that I learned to go on with my journey with my son who has autism . Some how in that journey i need to survive because of him . In earlier stage I learned to accept who he is and move on to more possible & hopeful outlook for my son and so doing that I be more effective to the rest of my family member . Take care and cont to be strong.


One of my sons has autism, but in my opinion, he’s pretty high-functioning. Sometimes, he does have meltdowns or is socially inappropriate. I usually correct him and tell anyone staring that he has autism (in a snotty tone, I admit.) My other son is severely mentally handicapped and autistic. His disability is obvious. Occasionally, people stare, but I feel it reflects more on who they are as a person, than on who my son is.   Both of my daughters are “normal”, and seemed to have picked up the skill of staring people down from me :/


mishalynnestrada thank you for sharing.  🙂