Today’s agenda

Today is one of those days where I know ahead of time just how bad it’s gonna be. We have 2 very important meetings today. One in Akron for Gavin and one at Eastgate for Emmett. They also happen to overlap and so we are forced to be in 2 places at the same time.
We’ll have to divide and conquer today in order to accomplish everything we need to. Lizze is going to Akron with my mom and I’m meeting with Emmett’s school. So both of us are running around like crazy today. The stress is getting to Lizze and her migraine is back with avengence.
For anyone thinking that taking your child to a psychiatric hospital for admittance makes your life easier…..think again. If anything, things become more complicated BECAUSE they are there. We don’t get a “break” because we are involved in his treatment. Things come up at the last minute and we have to make trips to the hospital we hadn’t planned on.  We have to find sitters at the last minute and that’s not an easy task. Don’t even get me started on the guilt.

We think he will be releashed on Saturday but Lizze will have a better idea what is going in after her meeting today.

– Lost and Tired

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