#Autism and @PlayDoh

#Autism and @PlayDoh

One of the greatest inventions known to man has got to be Play Doh. Play Doh is the coolest most versatile toy, if you even call it that.

For a child on the #autism spectrum, Play Doh can be an absolute dream.

Having said that, I would imagine that some people would have not like it for sensory reasons.

However, my kids absolutely lovePlay Doh. In fact, a large portion of Christmas revolved around Play Doh. Elliott and Emmett got tons of Play Doh and Play Doh toys.

My boys love using their imaginations and Play Doh allows them to do just that.

It also provides great sensory feedback for them and I think that may be part of the drive behind their love for that colorful, mushy, shapeable fun.

However, regardless of all the many benefits of Play Doh, one stands above the rest. Play Doh puts a smile on their faces and I can’t imagine anything greater than that. 🙂


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My daughter is also a Play Doh and Lego fanatic, although in the last several years as she’s gotten better manual dexterity, it’s Webkinz. I was reluctant at first to get involved with those things because their original design in the olden days was that parents put money on your account so you could buy your pet fake crap. Now, the child earns “money” through tons of awesome games. Some of the games are more educational than others, but all of them help her eye-hand coordination, processing skills, etc.
I stopped by to make one note about Play Doh. Carrie is on the GFCF diet and she would eat Play Doh by the handful if I wasn’t sitting right there every single second. If I so much as reached to grab the phone, she would shove it in her mouth. It’s full of wheat flour! We HAD to make our own, like another commenter suggested, so I used rice flour. It didn’t mess up the texture at all IF I used a recipe (found online by a simple Google search) that was meant for GF flours. We, too, added glitter, scents, neon colors, etc.


I know that money is tight for your family right now, so maybe you could start making play doh. It’s so easy, SO cheap, you can get your boys’ help with measuring and stirring, and you can add things that may appeal to your boys’ sensory needs or just general curiosity. We’ve made it with sparkles, seeds for texture, extracts for scent, etc. Just some ideas 🙂


That’s so awesome! Danny’s fascination is with Lego. He can build the most complex structures and stuff… he loves them.

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