Recycling ideas -

Recycling ideas

As I have posted about many times before, Gavin doesn’t respond to things in the same manner other children would. So often times we have to employ “outside the box” thinking, as conventional means have no impact.

Gavin had a meltdown this morning. He had it in his room away from everyone else. This time I didn’t intervene at all. In fact I didn’t even goes upstairs until he was done. In the spirit of honesty, this was mostly because I was just to tired to play this game today with him. So don’t think it was some brilliant parenting move on my part because you would be giving me WAY to much credit today.

That said, when I did go up to check on him, to my surprise, he didn’t appear to have self-injured at all. Now, ignoring him typically won’t work as he will just esculate until we have to intervene. However, for whatever reason, today was different. Maybe we need to start cycling through some of our old tricks again.

Interesting……Very interesting. 

– Lost and Tired

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