oh no he didn’t……

oh no he didn’t……

Oh yes he did!!!!!


As if today wasn’t stressful enough already. Gavin had to go and press the “let’s see how high we can get daddy’s blood pressure before he strokes out” button. I swear, I love Gavin but sometimes I just know he’s going to be the death of me. In a bold and beyond dangerous move tonight, Gavin decided that he would go and take his medicine ALL BY HIMSELF…. Without Lizze or I giving it to him. He has NEVER done that before and appeared shocked and dismayed as to why on earth I would be upset with him for doing that. AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH…… What was he thinking? There is a reason we keep them where we do. Clearly he wasn’t thinking. This is a really bug deal because nothing ever happens once with Gavin. Once he crosses that line the likely hood of him attempting this again is pretty high.

Gavin is on some pretty hardcore medications and this could have been disastrous. Before he could even start freaking out I told him he just earned oatmeal for breakfast. He HAS to learn that he CANNOT DO THIS. I can’t stress enough how dangerous this could have been. He needs to know without one shadow of a doubt that this can NEVER, EVER, EVER happen again.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I;m going to try to find my happy place.

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Thanks everyone. I know he meant well but with medications like clozapine involved things can go very wrong, very fast. It's nice to know I'm not alone here…


I know that was scary! My son has done some similar stuff, and it just freaks me out.


I guess you could go to the happy place with "my boy is trying to be grown up and independent" which is what I try to tell myself every time Ted does a thing like that. Like cooking type things or taking walks or animal related stuff or whatever.


You're going to have to put all your meds under lock and key, for everyone's safety. It will end the stress and you and Lizzie can have the peace of mind that it will never happen again. Hope your BP is coming down.

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