Getting Fit4Autism -

Getting Fit4Autism

One of the things that parents of Autistic children do very often is forget to take care of themselves. So I started a team on Endomondo called Fit4Autism. If you have a smart phone chances are you can download the Endomondo app.

Check out my Fit4Autism page at the top for details on how to sign up. The team consists of people from around the world. We have runners, walkers, hikers, bikers, swimmers ect. We all track everything we do both big and small and it adds to the total number of miles the team as a whole has accumulated. We are racking up miles to raise Autism Awareness.

It doesn’t matter what your contribution it because the whole point is to get in better shape so we can be on this earth as long as possible. Our kids will need us there whole life and I fully intend on being there for mine as long as possible. So I push myself and walk about 3 miles a day as regularly as possible. I have more energy and I lose weight as well.
I encourage you ALL to do this for your kids if you won’t do it for yourself. Please join my Fit4Autism endomondo team and get healthy while raising awareness for Autism.  Let me k ow if I can answer questions or be of any assistance.

– Lost and Tired

Please Vote for Lost and Tired (just click the link) and help me spread Autism Awareness. Everyone can Vote once a day 🙂 Registered & Protected

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