Gavin Crisis 6/18/2011 UPDATE -

Gavin Crisis 6/18/2011 UPDATE

Gavin was taken to Akron Children’s Hospital this afternoon, per Dr. R’s orders. You can read the details of why here as I just don’t have the energy left to get into that again right now. Gavin was admitted to the psychiatric floor today about 5pm. When we arrived, we were taken back right away. I got him registered while Lizze sat with him in the room. When I got back Gavin had already gotten a hold of the TV remote and was finding his favorite cartoon. I took the remote and shut off the TV. I explained that we are NOT here to have fun and so there would be NO TV. He was less then thrilled and actually became a bit agitated. I decided it was best to go explain to the staff the “new” approach we were going to be taking this time. I explained that Gavin looks forward to staying here. He thinks it’s a vacation and really enjoys himself. I told them that we could NOT let that happen this time. The staff was VERY supportive and they agreed that if Gavin enjoys being there then we were just going to have to change that. I was afraid we were going to be viewed as bad parents and have issues but to my pleasant surprise we didn’t.

I returned to the room and Gavin immediately asked when they were going to bring him his food. He likes the fact that they “wait” on him and bring him whatever he wants to eat. He was not happy when I told him that there would be no special food delivery. He would have to wait until we figured out what was going on and then he would eat when it was time. After he was seen by the doctor and a few other people he was admitted. We got upstairs and we interviewed again. I again explained that we had to do things this way because of how he views being here. They agreed and said that he would be working most of the time and will NOT be having fun. We told them that as painful as it will be for us (and it will be), we will NOT visit him while he’s there. Gavin look forward to everyone coming up to see him and showering him with attention. That won’t be happening. The next time we’ll see him will be when he is released in a few days. I explained to him that these were all natural consequences for his actions. While this is incredibly difficult to do, it was made a bit easier due to the support we got form the staff on this. I don’t know if we are doing the right things but we have to do something and this, while very difficult, makes the most sense.

I’m not feeling very good about myself right now but it’s honestly a “tough love” kinda thing. As I said before, this needs to be a negative experience with a positive outcome. Please keep Gavin in your prayers because this is going to be difficult for him. Please pray that this has the impact we’re hoping it does.  Looks like Father’s Day is going to be filled with guilt.

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Aunt Sharon

I am sorry Rob and Lizze, Aunt Sharon


I am praying for you and your family. You are doing the right thing.

Michele Nichols on F



I think you did the right thing. You're doing what you think is best for Gavin. You love him, you know him, you do what you think needs to be done. That makes you an awesome parent. I will keep Gavin, and you in my prayers.

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