Mentally preparing.... -

Mentally preparing….

This morning I’m preparing myself to meet with the social worker at Akron Children’s Hospital. Why am I mentally preparing myself? In all likelihood, we will be once again met with resistance to our “outside the box” approach to Gavin.
I’m not looking forward to this as I’m already stressed out enough as it is. I know many of you know but many of you may not know what it’s like to be judged at every turn. Even well meaning people with the best of intentions judge us simply because they can’t comprehend a world where a child would require this type of parenting. It’s easier to believe that the parents are to blame.

That is what we will be up against today.

– Lost and Tired

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We met with a social worker @ Akron General this past Saturday night. Our son was getting pink slipped. We refused to leave him there.. their lack of ANY type of approach to our autistic teenager. I'll NEVER be back there.

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