Got a nice little present from Sprint -

Got a nice little present from Sprint

Tonight UPS showed up bearing a gift from Sprint. We have been having signal issues lately while in our house. Nothing really bad just some echo and poor data speeds.
In an effort to ensure my continued satisfaction, they sent me this nice little surprise, free of charge.

This is called the Airvana Access Point. Basically it’s my own personal cell phone tower. Needless to say the problems have been resolved. We have perfect signal now anywhere in my house and in the yard. So this is.probably the highlight of the day for me.
So THANK YOU Sprint for stepping up and addressing the problems we were having in a very big way. I’m quite impressed…….




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Sprint has become probably the best customer service cell company in the last couple years. To bad before that they hurt themselves by treating so many people poorly. It is awesome to see you finally catch a little break!


Agreed. They are actually ranked #1 in customer satisfaction now, I believe.


WOW! I'm almost tempted to switch! (almost…) Glad they appreciate your business and fixed the problem =)


In my experience over the past 4 or 5 years, Sprint is not only a better deal but VERY special needs family friendly. They bend over backwards to help my family with our bill and shown a great deal of compassion for what my family is going through.. No one else was willing to work with us until Sprint stepped up. I will never go anywhere else. This is the honest truth. I'm getting nothing for saying that. I just believe in helping those that help special needs families like mine.

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