It’s been hell today

It’s been a really difficult day and frankly, I’m exhausted.  I’m going to keep this short and sweet, with the intention of doing a catchup post a bit late on. 

Long story short, and I had to run some errands out of town today and it took forever.  Along the way, I met a fellow and he’s actually read the blog.  It was really cool to make that real life connection with someone who’s facing similar challenges. 

We spoke for a little bit and it was just a really cool experience.

Anyway, while Gavin and I were out of town, I got a call from the .  Apparently, Emmett had spiked a low grade fever and was being sent home. 

Thankfully, my Mom was able to pick him up from school until I could get there.

Aside from the fever, he’s not showing any signs of being sick or even feeling under the weather.  As such, I’m more and more convinced that this is just another flare. 

All three of the boys will be getting into the doctor tomorrow.  It’s just a follow up with , allergy and .  They are squeezing Emmett in because of the change to his flares….

It’s going to be a really, really, really long day and I’m just hoping to make it through. 

There is of course more to the story but it’s for another post. 


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