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Does anyone else have a child that will dress VERY inappropriately for the current weather condidtions? Gavin is the only one that seems to struggle with this. I took this pic on Friday and it was VERY warm out. WAY to warm to be wearing layers. How do you guys respond to or otherwise address these situations? Please share with the class.


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The Occupational Therapist involved with my boy's school suggested those clingy workout shirts you were to the gym "Armour All? (can't remember the name). They are tight and form fitting and lots of guys wear them to show off their muscles. You can usually buy them at a workout store. She said have him wear them under his clothes to provide more sensory feedback. Maybe they have spandex shorts as well and he could wear both under his "weather appropriate clothing?". I know nobody likes the idea of their 11 yr. old boy in spandex shorts, though. lol So maybe start with the shirt. I'm going to try it with my autistic son.


If Gavin has poor body awareness he could be using the clothes to give him extra feedback through his tactile system. Being clothed head to toe will mean that he can sense his body better where the clothes touch him.


Ok. What about safety and health concerns? Do we have other options to provide him with similar resources without overheating? Thx 🙂


Does he always dress to warmly or does he just dress inappropriately? For example will he wear shorts and tee shirts in winter? With my students I wonder how much is sensory and how much is just being routine-bound and wearing the same set of clothes they are used to from the previous season. In these cases I've used Social Stories with some success.
Some of my parents have also had to simply pack away inappropriate choices.

Lost and Tired

He dresses the same all year round. During the summer its a battle to simply keep him from over heating. I know he feels cold but it’s not really cold at all. Even though his body may feel cold it’s still overheating.

I’m gonna look at the social stories and see if they help any.

Thank you very much for sharing this.


Yes, this is very familiar to me. My son Lucas, who is 8, throughout the summer will wear a long-sleeved top, a short-sleeved hoodie on top, thick jeans/trousers, socks and shoes. If the sun shines, he may add a baseball cap to his ensemble. I have given up trying to get him into short/sandals, apparently they 'feel horrible.' But I do ensure he bathes once/twice a week! that's enough of a battle…


Oh yes, this is very familiar, my oldest, Lucas, who is 8, in the middle of summer, will wear long-sleeved top, short-sleeved hoodie over that, thick jeans, sock and shoes. If it’s sunny, he may add a baseball cap to his ensemble. I have tried to reason with him, and get him to wear shorts/sandals but they ‘feel horrible’. I know it’s a sensory issue, and have limited energy for dealing with all the autistic stuff going on in my house, so I have given up on this one. Sorry I can’t be more help to the class! However, I do ensure he bathes once or twice a week! That’s another battle…