Gavin has plans -

Gavin has plans

My little brother called me and wants to take Gavin for some one on one time. He going to take him hiking and maybe see some caves in the morning. Tim (my brother) is pretty excited. I think this will be a great experience for both of them.

They are packing a lunch and will eat
it on the trail.  Gavin will be picked up around 9am and will be back sometime in the afternoon.

He’ll be just fine.. Wait am I telling you that or myself?

– Lost and Tired

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Perhaps it will give him a chance to physically exert himself – which should be good for you 😉 besides with the big tornado out of the house 😉 you shouldn't be quite as out numbered. Oh wait… I forgot Emmett is there 😉


I used to worry about that when my son started SCL and respite. NOW I LOVE IT, and so does he. One of the best things I ever did for him.
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