Emmett and the vaccine debate -

Emmett and the vaccine debate

Today Emmett was due for 3 vaccines, MMR, Hep A and something else…can’t remember. While I’m pro-vaccines I still like to talk to the doctor about them before they are given go our boys.
I was introduced to a family that had a child seriously injured by the MMR. It’s a real life situation and while I still don’t think vaccines are linked to Autism I do know that some kids are seriously injured. These are well documented cases and my heart goes out to these families.

Elliott was hospitalized after the MMR and so I have concerns about Emmett. Dr. H discussed those concerns and collectively we decided to split everything up. He received the other 2 vaccines today and the MMR as well as Elliott’s chicken pox booster is scheduled for a month out.

I encourage everyone to share your concerns with your child’s doctor and really listen to what they have to say before you just decide to not vaccinate. There are other options, like, breaking them up or simply waiting a bit. The more informed you are about vaccines the better decisions you will be able to make because you have actually talked with your doctor. Your decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate should not be based on some fringe website but based on what you feel is best for your child after having a “real life” talk with your child’s doctor.

We personally choose to vaccinate but we do so after educating ourselves and talking to our doctor.

– Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski on Facebo

Elliott and Emmett were both premies and we had the same issues with Elliott. Premature lung disease. He had to have some of the vaccines do to that condition but is just fine.

Dee Brake

RIGHT you are, Every parent has concerns but media hype and tabloid mumble jumble should not determine your choices. i honestly can say, being a first time parent i agreed to vacinations when my twins born premie weighed only a little more than 2 1/2 pounds each… honestly SOME of those vaccines could have waited, their little bodies were so small, i cant even imagine what those toxins could have done to them… much later a pediatrician discussed it with me and i realized some of them were not needed at all… but LACK of knowledge was the down fall, THANKFULLY my twins are healthy and i am 100% positive that Ayden's sensory disorder (NSSD) is not related to any vaccine he received. We still vaccinate for the recommended childhood vaccines, but we opted out of flu vaccines after age 2 (premies are high risk of respiratory illnesses until aprox age 2)and H1N1 last year. All parents should arm themselves with REAL information before deciding about vaccines

Lost and Tired

Thank you………

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