Autism and it’s sometimes “odd” behavior

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This has been kinda bugging me for a while, well actually, more like driving me crazy. Gavin has this “thing” where he drags himself along the walls and mantel. I’m guessing it’s a sensory thing but who knows. Anyway, the problem with this is more the mantel then anything else. When he drags himself along the mantel he quite often knocks things off of said mantel and onto the floor.

I was wondering if any of you see similar things? I have always chalked it up to simply Autism and it’s sometime odd behavior.  However, I’m starting to wonder if there is more to this then just “odd behavior”? It’s almost like some weird kind of navigation or something. Am I the only one seeing these things?


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Dawn Suta

I am not on the spectrum and have always liked to touch things as I walk especially walls. I love the feeling of the cold on my warm hands. I don't knock things over which is part of the problem with having a spectrum-child be similar to that.


could it be a lack of awareness of his body's position in space? therefore needing to touch/be in contact with things? Just guessing but thats what you gotta do with the weird behaviour. Im still trying to figure out why last night ds woke up screaming for his toothbrush at 1am and wouldn't go back down lol.


Your prolly right. I don\’t mind except when it\’s distructive. AND…Emmett did the very same toothbrush thing the other day as well. It must be in the air.