Autistic days -

Autistic days

Emmett has been having more and more “Autistic days” as we call them. These are days where he screams a great deal more the usual.  He also seems to MUCH more sensory oriented as well. We call them “Autistic says” because on these days his symptoms are much more profound and more significantly affect him….and us for that matter.

We haven’t really found a pattern for these days and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why the occur. We have been noticing more and more of these days lately and I’m not sure why. Maybe he’s still adjusting to the boys being home most of the time now. I’m not sure what else it could be as everything else is basically the same.

It’s honestly very frustrating and overwhelming, not only for him but everyone else as well. I wish we could identify the triggers and make them go away. It makes me really nervous when he gets like this because I’m terrified that he will regress like Gavin did.

– Lost and Tired

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I'm sure you've probably considered all of these but… I've found stress and sensory issues the most likely culprits for 'worse days' with autistic symptoms. For a munchkin, stress can mean changes in schedule, changes in company (perhaps brothers home more like you said, mom's not around as much, etc), more responsibilities w/chores, harder therapy sessions, higher expectations, etc. Sensory issues could be pain — cutting molars, ear ache, headache, etc. — or perhaps the heat and humidity are getting to him or there's just more noise in the house right now with the boys home than he's used to.


We have considered those. The problem is that we have now idea what's bothering him cause he can't tell us. You are right, it could be any number of things behind this. I just wish I knew what it was so we could make it stop for him and help him to calm down.

Thanks Tam 😉

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