Autism and those embarrassing moments -

Autism and those embarrassing moments

We all know that kids say the darnedest things. However, ASD kids can sometimes say the most inappropriate things you can imagine. It’s not that they are mean, it’s just a lack of filter…….thing.  I thought it could be fun to share some of these moments with each other. Maybe we can all feel a bit better about these sometimes, unavoidable moments.

I’ll go first….

A few years ago, we took Gavin to a Chinese buffet. Gavin walked up to the hostess, who was of Chinese decent (sorry if that’s not politically correct) and told her that “all the people that work here look the same”. I was horrified and didn’t know what to say. Thankfully, there was a bit of language barrier and so I don’t know that she understood what he said. She just smiled and took us to our table. That was the begininng of the end of taking the family out to dinner.

So what’s your most embarrassing moment.? Care to share?

– Lost and Tired

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Watching an elderly lady trying to learn how to drive a motorized scooter and running into a sign, my 6 year old says “That’s gotta hurt” followed by “She should goto drivers ed like sissy”. We could not help ourselves and had to bury heads so to show laughter.


Hi, I could give you a list really really long from my gorgeous son….but I'll give you some of my favorites!! (ALL said in a VERY load voice!!)
'Mum, that man over there is really old and has a bold head….he'll die soon as he's so old!!'
'Mum, that woman over there has a HUGE nose, she looks like a duck'
'I hope your son doesn't die because he's so fat it's unhealthy!'
'Mum, I'd love to see what you look like thin!'
I love my son,and he is so loving and kind, he just says what he sees!!!! :oD


Most of these kids simply have no filter and don\’t mean anything by the comments. They give new meaning to the term brutally honest. 🙂


One of my students said to me in the tone of voice one uses when speaking to a baby: "Look at you! You just get fatter and fatter everyday!" Then in a normal tone asked, "When you are going to have that baby?" By the way: I was not pregnant!


Ouch…. My Dad actually did that to someone once. He was like, "congratulations, when are you due?"…….. Needless to say she wasn't and that was the last time he made that mistake.

Thanks for sharing.

Kristen Stegman Nickerson

We were checking out at the grocery. The person in front of us wasn't quite done, and Jonathan stretched and strained to see around my husband who was already placing our items on the belt. In his 3 year old way he said "Daddy Move! I am trying to see that man's fat butt!!" Embarrassing right????? More embarrassing is the fact that it was a woman… not a man… and it was not her butt but her belly. KIDS say the darndest things…. whether autistic or not! =)

Touche Kristen. Great…if not embarrassing story.

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