Tough Decisions – Removing Gavin from school on Friday’s

Beginning this week, Gavin will no longer be attending school on Friday’s. Fridays are hence forth reserved for his at home IVIG infusions.

We are obviously going to have to speak with the school and possibly get this added to his IEP, but I don’t foresee that being a problem.  We have to do things this way because this infusion takes between 2 – 2.5 hours from start to finish and when he’s done, he goes to sleep. 


While he prefers this method, he is still really, really nervous about this procedure.

We have to make this survivable for everyone.  For starters, we are going to do this while the other boys are in school.  This will drastically reduce the stress in the house, while Gavin has the infusion going. 

The E’s will freak out over Gavin having needles in his stomach and Gavin will stress out if they are around when this happens. 

Pulling Gavin from school on Fridays, is just best for everyone.  It’s not a perfect answer but it’s the one that will ensure everyone’s best interests.
I plan on documenting this procedure on Friday, so you can see what it entails. 

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  • rjones22 says:

    good idea. i have to call the dr tomorrow to see if my son’s ivig was approved. as my luck would have it my job interview is the same time as his appt ugh

  • Kim Kennedy says:

    I think so too! I actually googled this to see how it works and what comes along with this. I tell ya…Gavin is a brave soldier. Im interested about your poat on Friday. Please document it for a learning tool!

  • Lost and Tired says:

    Thank you Michelle Petzold

  • @Michelle Petzold Thank you.  🙂

  • Michelle Petzold says:

    Health comes first! I think this is a smart decision for all.