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Lizze’s Doctors are backing disability.

Lizze went to her neurologist this morning as I previously posted. The topic at the appointment turned to disability. This is something we haven’t discussed with the doctors until today. Her doctors are in complete support of disability for Lizze. They said that her migraines alone would qualify her in their experience. However, factoring in the fibro and everything else she has to contend with, there is no way she could work. We even spoke to her shrink and she is behind this as well.

The interesting part is that because we apparently did everything right along the way, it should make the process a whole lot easier. Lizze saw the very best doctors and the right ones for what she needed. She was diagnosed with Fibro by one of the top rheumatologists in the country. All the testing was done to eliminate ALL other possibilities. So all the proper testing was done and the diagnosis is solid.

We did the same thing for everything else she is dealing with. The process took years and years but we wanted to make sure that she was properly diagnosed. Lately, I have been suggesting a second opinion but honestly, everything was done right in the first place and all her doctors agree with the diagnosis. We may look for other treatment options but right now, everything that can be done is being done.

She has been dealing with this for a good potion of the last decade so this is welcomed news. I don’t relish the idea of her being on disability anymore the she does. However, it’s there for people like her. So we are finally going to apply and hopefully she will get approved and we can start to move forward.

– Lost and Tired

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Actually, Meg, from my experience, they keep making it more and more so the only ones who don't have problems with it are the ones that don't really need it. Anywho, hopefully you don't have too much trouble getting her set up. It's rare but it is possible to get accepted the first time around. I didn't have to file any appeals myself. They did come back to screw me on the backpay though, stopping my check completely 5 years later, trying to say work I'd done years BEFORE the application (which was properly reported) should take away from the backpay they'd already paid (and I'd already spent) years earlier… it was a ludicrous money-grubbing nightmare I still haven't recovered from.


Gavin made it through the first time. The reason Lizze \”shouldn\’t\” have much problem is that she has done everything the way SSI likes to have it done. Many of the delays are because they want second opinions or don\’t think enough testingwas done. Lizze was diagnosed by the proper doctors and exhaustive testing has already been done. Basically all her ducks are in a row already. We can streamline everything by having all the medical records ready to go so there\’s no delay there. Thanks Tam your support means a lot.


I hate to burst your bubble, and I hope it is easier for you, but a friend of mine recently got put on disability for fibro and it took her two years of challenges and such to get there. Now she is waiting for her check for back pay from the time she originally applied, and they keep pushing that back too. They make it very challenging so only those who really need it get it. I will pray for you guys to get through easier than her.

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