Today’s #Autism Victory: Learning new skills

This evening, Gavin went down into the basement, all by himself and cleaned out the litter box. Our basements a bit on the creepy side but he didn’t let that stop him.

He says that he enjoys cleaning out the litter box. 

I’m not sure that I’m happy he enjoys it because that seems a bit strange but I’m thrilled that he’s taking this on and learning something new. 

To some people, this may jot seem like a big deal.  In truth, I suppose it isn’t.  Having said that, what is really wonderful about this is the fact that despite his continued regression, he’s able to still learn new things. 

As far as I’m concerned, this goes into the victory column.

Great job Gavin…..


While this picture has nothing to do with this post, it’s a lot more pleasant than a dirty litter Vox and this happens to be one of Gavin’s favorite flowers.  🙂

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rmagliozzi Dwayne Murphy abbehgates thanks everyone for all the positivity.   🙂


Wonderful! I wish my Aspie loved chores that much!

Dwayne Murphy

Gavin deserves a ton of credit. I have three cats (at one time, I had up to five), and cleaning cats’ litter boxes and is a labor of pure love. 🙂


Hi there, that is so wonderful…i look at it ask a brand new skill, and i totally understand why you would be thrilled by him doing this….maybe he could one day work with animals…..this is good!!!!!!