How the heck is Lizze doing?

Well, in two words or less, not good. She has been needing the assistance of a cane for most of yesterday and today, in order to walk. The pain is to the point that she would rather just sleep through it. While that’s not the ideal solution, I do understand. Her migraines are back…..well….I guess they never really went away. She has been getting small breaks from her migraines but last I checked, she is still getting them 20+ days a month. They are trying her on a new supplemental medication for the migra


ines to go along with her pain killers. The med is called Sumavel and it comes in this cool auto-injector but not just ANY auto-injector. This is uses pressurized air to deliver the dose. No needles required. She hasn’t tried it yet to see if it helps because she isn’t sure how she will react to it and we had a ton of things going on this week. Hopefully it will help.

Aside from the migraines, her fibro pain has been brutal lately. As I stated above the last day or so has required the use of a cane for her to get around most of the time. She’s just really struggling right now and can’t seem to catch a break. My sister Kate is moving on Saturday to the East Hamptons where she will working as a physical therapist in a private practice. Lizze and Kate are very close, so this is really hard on Lizze right now. We said our goodbyes tonight and it was full of tears for both of them. I wish I could make her life easier but I’m helpless most of the time.

I haven’t updated her situation recently and I thought I would do that so that you have a better idea of some of the things going on behind the scenes. Please say a prayer that she finds some peace and some relief for the constant pain.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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