New challenges 7/8/2011

So far today, Gavin has had 2 “accidents” where he wet himself. He wasn’t sleeping or anything like that. In fact he had been awake for a while. I know it’s not uncommon for ASD kids to get wrapped up in what they are doing and maybe “forget” to go potty but is that something common in older kids as well?

I concerned for a number of reasons but mostly because this is not typical for him. I think we’ll call the doc today and see what, if anything at all, we should be doing. Maybe he’s drinking to much water? I mean, he does go through a ton of water, mostly due to the lithium. I’m going to start setting a timer and making him try potty just to keep him remembering to go. That’s about all I can think to do.
We are supposed to go somewhere in a little bit and he has gone through his clean underwear this morning. Now I have to rush some laundry so we can still go.

I just wish sometimes, that things would just slow down a little bit. If I could spend as much time being productive as I do putting out the fires, I’d get a while lot more accomplished.

Does anyone else have similar issues with there ASD kids? What have you done to help?

– Lost and Tired

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I just started reading your blog entries (I got here via the Babble top 25 ASD Blogs site) and I have a daughter who is 5 and on the spectrum (Aspergers/HFA). She was having quite a few accidents and we didn't know what to make of it either (we figured she was just having difficulty being potty trained). We also noticed "absence seizure" activity, and once she began medication to control the seizures, her accidents stopped. It's interesting to note that one of our first "signals" that she's having breakthrough seizures is she'll start having accidents again. I hope this is not the case for Gavin, but may be something for you to check with the doc about.



I am 30 years old and have just recently started putting the pieces together that descriptions of ASD experiences are about me! It is exciting to finally have some answers.

With that in mind, I just wanted to say that as a small child I had an ongoing problem with bedwetting. I have no idea how my sainted parents put up with it! It went on for many years. To this day I still "forget" that I too need frequent restroom visits, minus the accidents (thank goodness). I just wanted to say that it will get better, and your kids appreciate your patience even if they are too young to say it. My parents didn't have the benefit of a diagnosis and support to raise me, but they saw that I was different and tried to make the world bearable for me.