Autism and whatever this is…..

I’m not sure I would call this hoarding but it’s pretty close. I was cleaning out the registers today when I came upon this in Gavin’s room. He has apparently been…..collecting….trinkets and trash for a while now. If you think that was the big surprise, you’d be sorely mistaken. The biggest surprise was discovering that Gavin had been using the register as a urinal.

He says it has been a long time since he has peed in the register…..whatever that means.  I made him scrub it and then scrub it again.  We couldn’t figure out where the smell had been coming from….now we know.

The challenges never seem to end… Anyone see anything similar?


– Lost and Tired

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My son hides food evidence in the register and most popular hoard is food at the moment. It changes a lot. I wonder if new meds make him hungry. He eats plenty in front of me. But isn't aloud to eat in his room and that's where the leftovers go the register. Anything bigger like jars or containers he puts a blanket over.


My son would pee in the register as well, and also put stuff in there. I just looked in his register yesterday and I found $3.25 stashed away, along with a very shiny black stone. Must've been keeping his treasure there. 🙂 Lately though, he's graduated to using different bags and stashing all of his stuff in there. We are definitely going through some hoarding stuff right now as he gathers up our refillable water bottles with a good cap and crams stuff into them.


My son would lay down on the ground and pee in crawdad holes when we lived in the country. He would end up with a bad case of poison ivy every year about the time school would start in places we didn't want him scratching. Took us years to figure out how he was getting the poison ivy.

Bonnie Stewart

Yes, indeed little boys can get quite a kick out of peeing creatively. My youngest would go in a toy cup and then throw it out the upstairs window or on the rug. But actually this need seemed to be related to sleep or dietary issues. At school the teachers decided it was time to make Derek practice talking in order to get each bite of lunch. Nothing irritates him like someone controlling the food supply. He thinks he is a hunter and gatherer. So he refused to eat at all and came home starved. He ate at home and then couldn't handle the surge of energy. He peed in the toilet and then dipped a sponge in it and scrubbed down his sister's mirror. Thankfully I discovered him before she did. Maybe Gavin was allergic to something, and it over-revved his engine temporarily.


I've seen the hoarding before. One year things kept going missing in the room. Strange things-late slips, shiny paper laid out for a craft and the occasional small toy, but it was the volume of things that went missing and frequency that it happened that kept me puzzled. When I was cleaning the room at the end of the year and moved some file cabinets there it was! I knew immediately which child it was, but how in the world he ever got them there, I'll never know.
And I'm never surprised at the places little boys find to pee!


Collecting of little things and hoarding is a way of controlling their lives. They don't have enough control and so these things make them feel same and comforted. That's what we are told anyway. The peeing thing confuses me because he'e literally 15 feet away from the bathroom.

Thanks for sharing Beth 🙂