Confessions of a Depressed #Autism Dad: Depression is Winning -

Confessions of a Depressed #Autism Dad: Depression is Winning

As you likely know from previous posts like this, I’m battling depression. During this hard fought battle, I really feel as though I came out on top most of the time.  However, the depression seems to have the upper hand right now.

Lizze and I have an appointment with my doctor next week to discuss the need for a new medication. 

I’m pretty sure I’m maxed out on Paxil, so my options would be to supplement or change meds all together.

The truth is, I’m really beginning to crumble under the pressure. Even Dr. Patti has noticed during our sessions with the boys that I’m not doing as well as I once was.

Lizze has expressed concern that the Paxil just isn’t cutting it anymore. I’ve aways valued her opinion when it comes to things like this because I’m too close and I can’t always see how I’m compensating. 

Some of the things that I and others close to me have noticed is that I have begun of obsessing over things again.  I’m also really tired all the time and I’m lacking in motivation as well.  I’ve also very aware that my writing has changed as well.  I have a hard time stringing coherent thoughts together anymore.

Some of these things are probably to be expected, especially considering how much stress and pressure I’m under, at any given point.

Getting to the doctor and discussing this is very, very important.  I need to explore my options and find out if there is another medication that will work out better.

My family needs me now more than ever and I can’t afford to have my hands tied behind my back by depression. I also suspect that Paxil is part of the reason for the weight gain as well. 

The bottom line is that depression has managed to get the upper hand on me and I can’t allow that to continue. 

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I take Lexapro, Wellbutrin and Depakote. It works really well for me.


@MeaghanGood thanks 🙂


Look into a Paxil substitute called Welbutrin. Some people do better on it and you are correct, weight gain is one of Paxil’s side effects. The same is not true for Welbutrin. My wife had similar issues until she switched from Paxil to Welbutrin and now the weight gain has stopped and actually reversed.


@tomlccc excellent idea. Thank you. 🙂


Adrenal support also really helps with these types of symptoms, and the fatigue as well. Docs only tend to treat stressed adrenals when they are failing or overproducing cortisol to a deadly point.. You might want to explore some natural adrenal supports like vitamin C, Ashawadangha (this works really well and helps calm and give you energy. Our naturopath recommended it daily), and there are some others out there, but we use these for myself and my oldest child with autism who gets alot of anxiety, fatigue, depression and mood swings. In my opinion, anyone under chronic stress needs a few good aides like these. Cortisol levels get really high when you are dealing with chronic stress, and eventually your adrenal glands just burn out.


@rmagliozzi I actually had those tested about a year ago. The Cortisol was normal. 🙂


Depression runs pretty heavily in my family too. It sounds like you are dealing with some brain fog type symptoms alongside the depression. have you explored using high dose fish oil, and maybe something like magnesium daily? Those have worked wonders for me.. and don’t forget all these things are also symptoms of low thyroid and also autoimmune thyroid disease as well.. I hope you find something that helps the depression and symptoms.. it’s not fun and you’re carrying a pretty heavy load already each and every day..


@rmagliozzi thanks. I love fish oil but haven’t been taking it lately, I keep forgetting. My diet has gone to hell as well.

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