Can you tell the difference?

I wanted to take a second and share a bit more insight into special needs parenting. One of these suckers Emmett will eat and the other he won’t. Can you tell which one is which?


– Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

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Dee Brake

yup. that is a given in rituals around our house. broken cookies, nutrigrain bars with a dent or squish, the wrong color cup, the wrong color plate, the list goes on….

Clare O'Reilly

I would never eat the bent one, why would anyone eat the bent one? I don't know a single child that would actually .. your son is right, would you eat the bent one? lol Nothing wrong with wanting a lollipop on a straight stick! The boy is opinionated, I know quite a few children that are and noone has ever proposed autism as a condition for them.. and you can explain things to them all you like and they still do what's instinctively right for them. So, I'm with Emmett on this one!!!




One of the kids in the classroom I worked at last school year would dig through the bag to try and find one with a star on the wrapper. If there were no stars he didn't want one. We switched candy when that bag was gone.


Was there supposed to be o e with a star?

Doug Mayhem

Yes. and No. I remember the story when I was a kid being, if you got the Tootsie Pop with the star on the wrapper, you could send it in for more free Tootsie Pops. haha. Everyone in the class and in my house, would fight over the ones with the stars. It was an Indian(Native American) shooting at a star with a bow and arrow, if I remember correctly.


Thanks. Learn something new everyday.


if I had a bag of them the one on the left would be the last one touched 😛


Thanks Tam. Emmett will make me straighten it out before he will way it. Hopefully we can work through some of this. Thanks again Tam. 😉


the one of the left doesn't "line up" right..

Ann Marie Hake Hughes

The one on the right!


Yup. He wont touch the other one cause the stick is bent. Nice!!!