Desperate times....... -

Desperate times…….

For the past few days we have all been living in top of each other.  All of our time is basically spent in the living room in order to a avoid the extreme temperatures. 

As you can imagine,  everyone has had all they can take of each other. 
This morning started out pretty rough and was headed down a road to disaster.  I decided to redirect us back on the right path. 

My mom called last night and wanted to hang out with Gavin for a bit today.  So I decided to seize the moment and take the other 2, along with Lizze,  to a movie. 

I figured we could get the kids out of the heat for a little while.  Traditionally,  movies haven’t worked out well but as the title states,  desperate times… and all that jazz.

Wish me luck…….


– Lost and Tired

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Harriet Weber

I was very pleased to hear that a movie theater near us has made accommodations for children with autism and other sensory issues. They have started special showtimes in which the volume of the movie is turned down. The lighting is not turned down as much, etc., etc. Other families are also there that have children with sensory issues. I hope more establishments start to recognize and make accommodations for our families. It may be something you could suggest to your local theater, esp. for the popular kid's shows like Cars.

My recent post Sensory Interference


Unfortunately, they don't do that around here. That's something I will have to work on after things settle down a bit.


They DO do that here. In Medina. Check the Board of DD's website. Almost every other weekend they have special accommodations.


Really? I did not know that. Thanks for the heads up…

Diane Ianni

Air- Condition!


Lemme know how they do!!! 🙂 Jr loved Cars 2

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