An IMPORTANT update about Gavin's denied MRI -

An IMPORTANT update about Gavin’s denied MRI

I mentioned yesterday that Gavin’s MRI for Wednesday was being denied by insurance. I spoke with the Cleveland Clinic yesterday and they are working on it. Someone is supposed to be calling me back to let me know if it’s been worked out.

This morning, Lizze found two pieces of mail that had been misplaced but were addressed to Gavin.

We realized that they were both from insurance and the first one we read stated that the MRI was approved. The second letter stated that the MRI was not approved.

At that moment it occurred to me that this wasn’t conflicting information. Instead it was an approval for the MRI of Gavin’s chest but a denial of the MRI for his abdomen. It sorta makes sense now.

As it stands, Gavin will have the MRI of his chest next Wednesday, a week from tomorrow. It will go as originally scheduled.

The MRI of his abdomen is what’s in question. It sounds like they may need clarification as to why he needs both. They are both medically necessary and the doctor with the insurance company needs to speak with the doctor from the Cleveland Clinic to gain a better understanding of the why’s.

Hopefully, that will be resolved and we can get the MRI that needs to be done on his abdomen tomorrow.

I don’t think they canceled anything yet, so as long as it gets approved tonight or tomorrow morning, we should be good to go.

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