Autism and routine -

Autism and routine

So my little Emmett John is potty trained now.  The problem? Well the problem is that he will NOT use the potty with wearing his clothes.

My regular readers will tell you that Emmett won’t wear clothes most of the time anyway.  While that’s all good while we’re are home….well not so much good but easier to manage.

When we are out somewhere and Mr. Emmett John has to go potty,  he has a very strict routine he Has to follow each and every time or he won’t go.

That routine is quite simple.  All his clothes have to come off….period.

Emmett, buddy, we have to work on this a little bit.  I’m so proud if you for using the big boy potty but sooner or later you’re going to have to learn to keep your clothes on while going potty……at least your socks.

What do you Emmett,  just your socks…maybe?


– Lost and Tired

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Our son does not have ASD and does this too. I decided to just let him wear underwear and a shirt. Progressively, I made him pick one item to keep on. He kept the shirt, then with the underpants he does have to put them back on himself.


while my son does not have ASD when he first potty trained and for a couple years after that he did the SAME thing even in target i was like REALLY dirty nasty floor!!! eventually he stopped lol


My youngest (who is not my child on the Spectrum) does this to – drives me crazy, she is 6 1/2. My oldest simply will NOT use any toilet other than ours at home – also hard if you want to go away, out for a long day ect.


Some of my students do this for a couple of years after being potty trained- especially when they have to poop. One the positive side, if they are not independent at dressing themselves, it gives us many authentic opportunities to practice! Social Stories can help with this, but it may still take a while…

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