Sick and snuggly -

Sick and snuggly

My poor little Emmett John still isn’t feeling well.  He’s still got a fever and and is completely miserable. 

He curled up on my chest and feel asleep listening to music. This is how he used to fall asleep when he was younger. 

Before his Autism diagnosis we thought he was deaf.  I used to sing to him to help him fall asleep.  I thought at the time he couldn’t actually hear me but he could feel my chest vibrate and it would relax him enough that he would fall asleep. 

While I’m grateful he can hear,  I miss him falling asleep on my chest.  It’s so completely peaceful and some of my most cherished memories. 

I’m sorry he’s sick but I’m glad I could actually comfort him.


– Lost and Tired

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Such a beautiful photo 🙂

Noah is 5 and sleeps with me for all those reasons.

Feel better soon Emmett. Love Shannon & Noah.


My son who’s 4 sleeps with me. For some unknown reason he suddenly gets a fever. I feel more in control knowing if his fever spikes he’s right next to me and I can deal with it immediately.

He cannot talk so he wakes me up and puts his hand on my forehead so I know he’s not feeling well.

So don’t feel bad that’s their way of communicating. Its our way of having that little bit of control. I’ve learnt Autism is like an abusive prison warden. One can’t get away from it we just have to grin and bear it.


Emmett sleeps with us many times as well. We have the toddler bed but he doesn\’t usually make it through the night. Also for the longest time we thought he was deaf and so we felt safer with him there. Like you said it gives you control…

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