Why I’m thankful today

This little break we have been enjoying has been really great. There’s a few things that I’m particularly excited about and in the spirit of positivity, I’m gonna share.. ☺ 

Before I do that, I do want to say that I woke up in the middle of the night choking and unable to breath. This is really scary when it happens cause it takes a good thirty seconds to clear up. 

The problem is that sometimes when I’m really congested or have sinus drainage, it can sorta occlude my airway and I wake up trying to clear it up. 

I didn’t sleep super well after that but I’m okay and this has only ever happened a few times in my life but only when I’m really struggling with sinus drainage. That said, I will bring this up to my doctor. 

Now for the fun part… ☺ 

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You’re superb and is an honour to read your stories! Wish I knew how to do a blog. Have learnt SO MUCH that may help you over my 14 year fight for my AMAZING 16 year old son with Aspergers Syndrome and 3 other diagnoses AND YOU have things that will teach and inspire me. Surely ALL of us sharing reaches more families so they don’t have to try and test all that we have! The miserable failures at least! I realise ‘our children’ are all unique and special and all will have different traits so EVERYTHING you do is… Read more »
Rob Gorski

That was so kind of you to say and you’re right, we can definitely learn from each other..

Please feel free to leave comments whenever you feel so inclined.. Also, here’s a link with step by step instructions on how to start a free blog at WordPress.com…. I hope it helps… ☺