The CDD Journey: We have arrived -

The CDD Journey: We have arrived

We have arrived at the Cleveland Clinic. Now we wait and register. Gavin is on edge and struggling to maintain himself,  if that even makes sense. 

He’s talking nonstop and can’t sit still.  I foresee a meltdown in our future.  I know he’s nervous but there is not anything we can do to settle him down.  I think we will have to power through it and hope for the best.
Kinda like ripping a bandage off. 


– Lost and Tired

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Hugs from here- as tolerated, without any sensory violations! 🙂 Thinking of you and hope you got some good information and a path laid out to move toward better understanding of what is going on for your son.


Yeah what "Aunt" Vette said… only "Aunt" nikky is there too! 🙂 Hey with the two of us behind you AND your parents nothing will stop you guys from getting help! 😉 Right, Yvette? 😉


You are absolutely right Nikki! I have been with Lizze through it all….no turning back now! 🙂


Gavin "Aunt" Vet is right there with you buddy! I know you don't remeber me, but I love you very much and am always with you and your parents 🙂 Hopefully soon we will change the whole not knowing me thing and I will come for a visit!

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