VICTORY – Good news on a really crappy day

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Today’s not been a good day and I’ve been going in about 10, 000 different directions.  I’ll save that for another post. In this post I’m gonna focus on a moment that was hugely positive.

After getting the boys home from school today, the boys sat together on the couch and played Minecraft.

I’m not sure who’s world they were working on but they were working together and having fun.  Gavin was on his tablet, Elliott was on my phone and Emmett was using Lizze’s phone. 

They connect via wifi and create these really cool fortresses and then let the zombies loose. 

Sometimes we all play together, fortify our world and then try and survive the zombie apocalypse.  It’s a lot of fun and it’s something we can all do together, while using our imagination.

Each person has a specific job and responsibility.  It’s really cool.

It’s truly nice to see everyone getting along and working together as a team. It also doesn’t hurt that it occupies them so I can make dinner.


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  • Janet Meliti says:

    very wonderful indeed coming from a parent who understands Autism and boys. Boys with other medical special needs with and with out Autism.

  • AMDuser says:

    I love that with them they are so different in so many ways but they can calm down and get along in minecraft. Notch”Founder of Mojan” I think made the best game ever.

  • Elle Hansen says:

    They look so happy together. : ) This made my heart smile.

  • SteveBorgman says:

    It’s great to see technology used in a way that can unite kids and parents together.  As Janet, below, said, it’s wonderful that you understand autism and boys 🙂

  • SteveBorgman Lost and Tired  AMDuser @Janet Meliti @Elle Hansen
    Thanks everyone…  Minecraft forever… 🙂