An Emmett update 7/29/2011 -

An Emmett update 7/29/2011

With everything going on with Gavin I neglected to mention what was going on with Emmett.

Next week we are meeting with the pediatrician. Emmett has been running fevers quite frequently and for no apparent reason. He wants to run some bloodwork and then discuss what type of specialist we need to see.

These fevers last about a week and never seem to have a cause. We used to think he was getting sick due to being at school and sharing toys and whatever with the other kids bit it still happens and schools been out for a while.

He has food allergies and maybe this is related to a new allergy?

Does anyone else have issues with random fevers with no other symptoms?

– Lost and Tired

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Thank you for sharing everyone. I'm going to look into probiotics.


My son Also. it will last for around 3 days then it will go away. but during the fever my son will be so tried and sleepy


we don't have random fevers but we do have uncontrollable fevers whenever my son is sick. In that he does not respond to any fever relieving products. I'd second the pp who suggested probiotics they have done wonders with my kids dairy allergies, they can come in different forms including non dairy.


My son does this and I did it as a child as well. I haven't found a reason for it so far.


The child of a teacher at my school had random fevers. After lots and lots of doctor visits and even hospitalizations, they ended up feeding her yogurt with probiotics and solved it. Can/will Emmett eat yogurt? If not maybe a pill form of probiotics…. maybe?


He can\’t do dairy but that is very interesting. I will look into that though. Thank you very much…

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