Has anyone faced this bizarre #sensory processing issue before? 

Recently, Emmett has been struggling a great deal more with eating.

If you’ve followed our story for awhile, you might recall that we have an enormous challenge when it comes to Emmett and eating. He’s extremely sensory oriented and struggles with things like food, clothes, noise and shitload of anxiety. The anxiety serves to make everything worse.

Anyway, Emmett has a very small menu of foods he’ll eat, and that makes it challenging to feed him.

He’s very sensitive to things like taste, smell, color, shape, packaging, presentation and imperfections. It’s not uncommon for me to have to remake something a few times because something about it wasn’t right.

Recently, Emmett has begun saying things like, this doesn’t taste right. The problem is, what doesn’t taste right, happens to be one of the few things he’s historically eaten.

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