Gavin fell again tonight

Gavin fell again tonight, only this time he hurt himself. He fell and scraped his rib cage against a wooded box.

Part of me feels like we should limit his movements or wrap him in bubble wrap. I know that sounds comical but I don’t know what else we are supposed to be doing. Seriously, should we limit his movements? I know we can’t wrap him in bubble wrap but he keeps hurting himself.

I’m also concerned that he may accidentally hurt someone else. For example, today Gavin was working on his Mario story and he started dropping his pencil. While he was clumsily trying to get it, he inadvertently flung it across the room. It almost got me in the face.

It was a total accident but still….we may have to make some tough decisions in order to keep him and those around him safe. This just sucks.


– Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

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Onyx Panthyr

An elimination diet could definitely help. Cut everything out expect basic stuff and start adding back a few things at a time to see how he handles it. This is especially important with processed foods because if you ever really look at the ingredients, there's a LOT of crap in there. It could be that one little additive that's triggering him. The first thing I'd try to definitely cut out for him is anything with soy, unless it's organic. Since most soy is GMO, he could be having a reaction to that (as much as it's claimed to be safe and there's no difference, I've seen and read too much to believe that…). Gluten and Casein are also good places to look as well.

He may not have had an allergy to something before, but it may have developed. I used to eat hazelnuts when I was younger because my gramma would always have bowls of mixed nuts in the living room for a healthy snack. Throughout college, I would enjoy Ghiardelli's Hazelnut Hot Cocoa. However, a few years ago, I had a sip of Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur and I went into mild anaphylactic shock. For some reason now, I'm allergic to hazelnuts.

Also, Rob, I'm curious. Has Gavin ever been tested for Muscular Dystrophy? Since he's so complex and has a lot going on with all his diagnoses, do you think this could be flying under the radar so to speak? 🙁


I realize the MS diet sounds a little far fetched, but it was called the Swank Diet, or the McDougall Diet. but here is an article that I found the other day, which talks about it in a newspaper.


hi there Rob
i know it is hard to hear, because it can be a pain- but have you adjusted Gavins diet at all? a lot of neurological symptoms can be due to allergies , and unfortunately with brain allergies, sometimes they don't come up in the blood work and have to be done with avoidance to see which is bothering him. I am sure you have heard of Casein (dairy) and gluten (for autism and many other things- (fibromylagia being one of them, but Multiple sclerosis can be reversed with a diet as well. My step father was an example of that, diagnosed with MS by 3 doctors. Took animal products out of his diet and all symptoms went away. he resumed, they all came back. He did the diet again and they went away. Has been MS free for 18 years. he was falling down the stairs , etc. I think I asked you before, is there a food he loves? milk ? nuggets? yogurt? best place to start looking. My friend's daughter removed offending items (nuggets were here thing, which includes casein, wheat,soy,chicken and corn – all the things she was allergic to she could eat them 24 hours a day, with a yogurt chaser), and her personality came back. (autism) The kicker was she didn't have any allergies according to the peds. didn't come up in the testing. The mom gave up all the things her daughter couldn't have as a comraderie measure and her fibromyalgia went away. There is IgG allergies and IgE allergies, but the only ones the doctors seem to test for are IGE (anaphylactic and hive,histamine reactions). Unless they know what allergy they are looking for, they don't test for it, and even those can be misleading- but it can be a start.


I think some part of all parents wishes they could wrap their child in bubble wrap and keep them from harm, but too much protection is harmful too. Slow going though it may be with kids on the spectrum, these times provide opportunities for learning. With my son, Rowan, we talk to him about why he got hurt, each and every time, and in some cases we will write a story about it with different ending on how he could do things differently. Does it really work, sometimes I really wonder, but it's the best I know how to do. We also always have him apologize if he hurts someone in the hopes that it will eventually make him more aware of his effect on others. Good luck & hang in there.